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Beyond the Looking-Glas

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200325

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"A whimsical quality runs through these stories... Inevitably, Gogol makes his influence felt in many of these stories." — The Moscow Times

"Pick it up and plug into the fascinating state of current Russian writing." — The Moscow Times

This unique collection presents the latest work of some of the modern absurdist writers - Victor Pelevin, Valery Ronshin, Alexander Selin, Genrikh Sapgir, Grigory Kruzhkov .

The more realist writers Alexander Kabakov, Nikolai Klimontovich and Ludmilla Shtern contribute work that testify to the grim humor that persists.

Rediscovery from 1920s: Vlas Doroshevich Three Chinese Tales.

See also Victor Pelevin in Glas 4, 7, 11; Valery Ronshin in Glas 7, 29; Nikolai Klimontovich in Glas 10; Grigory Kruzhkov in Glas 8.

"...Another Glas — another triumph!" — The Moscow Tribune

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