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Blood Tears

Authors: Michael J Malone

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781907869341

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A body is discovered: the terrible mutilations spell out the wounds of the Stigmata. For Glasgow DI Ray McBain, the killings are strangely familiar... and then the dreams begin.

The first in a series of books featuring DI Ray McBain, a Glasgow detective who has too many friends in the underworld for his own good, but enough to support him when he has to go on the run, the main suspect in a murder case.

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Michael J Malone is already well-known in Scotland as a poet: his poems have been broadcast on radio and published to high acclaim in magazines and anthologies. Based in Ayr in the south of Scotland, he currently works in publishing. Blood Tears was awarded the Pitlochry Prize by the Scottish Association of Writers.

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