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Authors: Lisa Kelly

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082704

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"She can capture a natural speaking voice, one that sounds both innocent and compelling at the same time. It’s quite something in operation. A Classmate took me right inside an experience, so vividly it was suddenly mine. It’s the experience of being asked out by a boy at school 'and here he is, and here he is, and here he is, / and I can’t think of anything to say.' And then the moment comes. He asks her out 'but I am so unready for this moment, I say, ‘What?’ / and he says ‘Nothing,’ / and goes to sit back down in his place.’

I had forgotten the agony of it, the awfulness of adolescence. This poem brought it all back brilliantly. A Classmate musters the surge of a true poem too, the rush of an experience rendered in driven syntax and phrasing. It works beautifully....

There’s a feeling here of a debut poet ringing the changes, demonstrating a whole variety of abilities, including the obligatory sestina. There’s also a strong central core of poems with a clear, unique ‘voice’. I’d say this poet is going somewhere." - Helena Nelson, Sphinx



Lisa Kelly is the mother of two children, and works as a freelance journalist in London. Her poems have been published in various magazines, also in the Ver Poetry Prize Anthology 2009 and the Barnet Poetry Anthology 2008, and shortlisted for the Bridport prize.

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