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book of days

Authors: Linda France

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780956034137

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At the beginning of 2006 Linda France set herself the challenge of writing a renga verse every day for twelve months. Adapting this 10th century Japanese form, Linda France has created the world’s first ‘year renga’.

Friends, walks, the weather, things seen, heard and read, became her collaborators in 365 word pictures that bear witness to the flow of things, inside and out, the connected and the disconnected, the poised and dynamic, the numinous and the everyday.

book of days is illustrated by Sue Dunne’s striking ceramic fragments – reliefs created by casting flowers, leaves and branches found in the woods and hedgerows of Northumberland.

“A gathering of verses that carry, alone and together, a whole year’s work.” - Gillian Allnut
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