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Authors: Sally Jenkinson

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909136731

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The first full collection from Sally Jenkinson, Boys, divides into two sections. In the first Sally explores her Doncaster childhood with poems full of the boisterous warmth of growing up with noisy boys. The brother who was closest to Sally in age died when she was 18, and this inevitably haunts this part of the book. In the second section Sally explores the relationships (romantic, sexual, social) that young women navigate in adulthood.

Boys is a collection that wrestles with heartbreak, grief, sexual exploration, casual relationships and day to day observations. It is a journey through encounters, good, bad, loving, violent, life-affirming and challenging, with boys (and men). Boys is a tender, raw, celebratory and unflinching collection of poems with a socio-political undercurrent from a poet who is staking a claim to be an important and distinctive poetic-voice of her generation.

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