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Authors: Steven Zultanski

Published by Ugly Duckling Presse

ISBN: 9781937027308

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Bribery is a long poem in which the author confesses to unsolved crimes in New York City, rants about politics and lives for thousands of years.

Subjects: Anger, Basket-Play, Bickering, Capitalism, Cat in a Bucket, Cheesesteak, Clayton Lamar, Cockroaches, Criminality, Cruelty, Diana Hamilton, English (language), Family, Friendship, Globalism, Guilt, Harassment, Hate, Heterosexuality, Home, Human Body, Josef Kaplan, Jumping, Love, Luck, The Monocode, New York City, Obsession, Patriarchy, Poetry, Police, Pomegranates, President Obama, Scooters, Self-hate, Self-love, Sex, Sexual Difference, Speculative Thought, Sports, Symbolism, Tenderness, Time, Twitching, War of 2084, Work, The World.

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