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Brother 'Lijah Built the Ark

Authors: Glenis Stott

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090295

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Oh no! Elijah's off on one again. Liam is grateful to the religious community that takes him in off the streets: the people are nice and the food is great, but Elijah's ranting worries him and the lack of privacy begins to eat away at him - between work, Morning Meeting, Afternoon Assembly, Circle Time and Social Hour the only time alone is in the bathroom. But it isn't only the feeling that someone is always watching him that is awry in this closed community, and as things wind towards a disturbing climax it isn't only Elijah who disquiets the reader; does Liam have his own emerging demons?

Brilliantly observed, unsettling and wry, Brother 'Lijah Built the Ark won the 2009 Cinnamon Press Novel Award and confirms Glenis Stott as a name to be watched.

Glenis Stott lives in Lancashire. She began writing when her daughter died in 1999. At first it served to help her with her loss but, in time, she began to enjoy writing for its own sake. She graduated in MA Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006. She has had a variety of jobs, ranging from radiographer to working on a young person's helpline. She now works as a library assistant on a casual basis which allows her to focus on her writing.

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