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Care Line

Authors: Pippa Hawkins

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781788640008

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This elegantly written sequence explores the challenges of caring for a partner with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. In language that is simple, supple and remarkably fresh, Pippa Hawkins poetry is compassionate and honest. 

The quality of observation makes this spare, honed sequence all the more poignant. An intelligent and engaging pamphlet, this is important writing communicated with grace and subtlety.

Extract from: 'The Dosette Boxes'

Pink replaces lost brain cells,
a white one slows your bladder,
the brown one speeds your bowels.

I clip the lids shut, set them
in order beside your bed. Later
I see your hands fumble to release
your three hourly taste of hope.

The names are constellations
that travel with you through the dome of day:

Stelevo, Entacapone,

Clopidogral, Madopar.

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