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Carnegie Hall with Tin Walls

Carnegie Hall with Tin Walls

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America gave us Dirty Realism ñ tales from the underbelly of American life by writers like Raymond Carver and Richard Ford. Now it's the turn of the poets. And Fred Voss is a writer who really gets his hands dirty: he doesn't just write about factory life, he lives it. For the past 30 years he has worked as a machinist in various factories in California, transmuting his experiences into three books of poetry published by Bloodaxe: Goodstone, Carnegie Hall with Tin Walls, and Hammers and Hearts of the Gods.

"Voss has driven up and down the California coast for 15 years, with a toolbox in his back seat, getting fired and hired by various machine shops. One result is a body of poetry whose directness of address to factory experience is without parallel."
John Osborne, BÍte Noire

"Most of the poems are vivid vignettes of factory life, but they are also much more. They comprise a wide-ranging social-political commentary that exposes class conflict, racial tension, and social injustice. The poems also deal knowingly with male woundedness, insecurity, alcoholism, grief and shameÖ In all the poems there is an earthy compassion that reflects a true spirituality."
Tom Fulton, Poetry Review

"What is extraordinary about Goodstone is its tone; without losing either humanity or wisdom, it articulates the lurid world that is the average factory with a dedicated flatness... This is the shop-floor of all our existences, and Voss is a fine witness."
Adam Thorpe, Observer
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