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"It is with an eye for the quirkiness that haunts the everyday domesticity of life that Connie Bensley writes with wit and humour, verging upon the bizarre but always very much in touch with the human pathos underlying ordinary existence... Connie Bensley is a writer with a modern sense of the satirical, the odd and the funny that lurks in all of us: she stands to build a major reputation for herself."
Martin Booth, Orbis

"Her language is uncluttered, slightly tight-lipped, but clear and direct. She can be funny and frightening at the same time... an intelligent, perceptive writer."
George Szirtes, Poetry Review

"An ironic relish for life's little surprises (by no means all of them pleasant) within the more pervasive context of a compassionate, if somewhat chilly, acceptance of domestic routine. Her poems are sharp, intelligent, vulnerably immaculate, and they make much of their impact by pulling the shreds of whatever carpet remains from under your feet."
John Mole, Encounter