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Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781870841351

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The word chimaera has four meanings. In the first place the Lycian chimaera was the mythical monster slain by Bellerophon mounted on Pegasus, the symbol of poetry. In heraldry a chimaera is an animal made up of parts of different species. The word is also used to suggest any idle or wild fancy or an erroneous notion. Lastly it is the scientific name given to a family of rather strange fishes. In this sequence of poems all these meanings are combined in a witty and humorous way but not excluding wider implications.

"The pleasure for me in reading these well produced books is the poetry of Heath-Stubbs, running in harness with the truly delightful drawings of Emily Johns."
Arthur Moyse, Freedom

John Heath-Stubbs was born in London in 1918. His books of verse include Artorius (1972). In 1973 he was awarded the Queen’s Medal for poetry. He died on Boxing Day 2006.

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