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Authors: Mavis Gulliver

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077737

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Book Two of The Hag-stone Chronicles.

The adventures in Cry at Midnight have ended. The Witch of Tiree is dead and Kester, the young wizard has returned to his people. Hamish has forgotten everything that happened, but Merryn will always remember. The necklace of seabeans and hag-stones has hung unmoving round her neck.

Now, on their first day on the Isle of Kerrera, it begins to throb – a sure sign that there is malevolent magic in the air. Merryn warns The Benevolent Wizards; but trying to defeat the evil witch, Ammonia B Clickfinger, leads them all into even greater danger. There are captive children in Gylen Castle, a Festival of Malevolent Witches at McCaig’s Tower in Obanand a spell that could threaten the future of Benevolent Wizardry. 

Who will gain the upper hand in the battle between good and evil? Will the children be rescued and will Merryn and Kester meet again? 

Another gripping novel for children, Clickfinger is not the end of the story. Look out for Book Three, The Snake Wand in 2016, when our heroes will be re-united in a final quest.

Also available as an eBook here.

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