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Authors: James Bunting

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909136892

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Everyone who has seen the film Donnie Darko will remember the scene where Drew Barrymore tells her students that an eminent scholar considered “Cellar Door” the most beautiful combination of words in the English language. I don’t know what this scholar meant when he or she used those words, but I do know they are beautiful. This is the concept I cling to when I write: I want every word to sit with the words surrounding it so people feel something beautiful from the sound even if they aren’t certain of the meaning. As for the actual meaning, well, let me know what you think. I don’t doubt you’ll find something I’ve missed — which is certainly part of the joy of writing.

What I do know is that at their heart these poems are about Bristol — a love affair that I will never tire of. And about a girl. I’ll leave that story in just those four words.

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