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Counting Steps

Authors: Mark Charlton

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090714

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A journey through landscape and fatherhood.

Mark Charlton’s debut collection of creative non-fiction captures one man’s astonished journey into fatherhood. As well as the author’s own experiences as a parent, the stories also emerge out of strong connections to his childhood, local landscapes, and fractured relationships with his parents.

“What distinguishes Mark Charlton is an absolute honesty allied to reflective wisdom and a fresh, alert eye. [...] These reflections are a treat not to be missed. And more than that, they’re a liberal education. They quietly, modestly, enhance our understanding of the world we inhabit in its every aspect.”
Jim Perrin

Mark Charlton is Company Secretary of Smiths News PLC (previously WH Smith News), and was recently appointed Group Communications Director. He has tutored writing courses at Ty Newydd and runs the blog Views from the Bike Shed. He lives in the West Country and Pembrokeshire.

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