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Creatures of the Intertidal Zone

Authors: Susan Richardson

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614165

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"Susan Richardson beautifully marries the landscape of the polar regions with their - and her own - emotional topography. I particularly admire her spirited recreation of Gudrid, that enchanting eleventh-century Viking heroine. Creatures of the Intertidal Zone is a thought-provoking collection and very well worth reading."
Sara Wheeler

"Here is poetry… driven from within into the shape best suited to its purpose. Internal rhyme and assonance, not obvious on the page, sing out when the poems are read aloud. This is free verse at its finest. … Poems in this collection fly without difficulty and I admire them from the ground, but a few of them of them landed especially heavily and I can still feel their impact on my heart."
Ann Drysdale
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