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Cuba in the Blood

Authors: Wendy Klein

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614677

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Cuba in the Blood is the long awaited first collection from US poet and long-term British resident, Wendy Klein. Travelling from the Cuba of her grandfather to modern Cuba in honed, lyrical poetry and moving from childhood to motherhood and beyond, all the while protesting the race with time, this is an accomplished and deeply satisfying collection.

Accessible and humane; observed with the story-tellers keenness and warmth, this is poetry to go back to again and again.

"Wendy Klein’s journeys... vibrate with a sense of the local, the vivid, the tangible, the olfactory, her poet’s eye constantly weighing the value of intimate detail against the cold sweep of history"
Anne-Marie Fyfe

"These intense and finely-managed poems memorably ponder the tugs of the past on collision course with a restless hunger to explore. Klein’s keen and distinctive
rhythmic control (the ‘twitch and tingle’ of a beat, as she has it) itself renders shifting and subtly changing perceptions and self-exploration. ... restraint and technical finesse, gives her poems (unflinching and by turns, hilarious, raw, tender)
the power to reverberate in the mind long after a first or second reading"
Peter Carpenter

Wendy Klein's poetry has appeared in anthologies and poetry magazines. A retired family psychotherapist, she is a regular reader at the Troubadour and Poets' Cafe in Reading. She enjoys belly-dancing and the curative company of dogs.
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