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Dante: The Divine Comedy

Authors: Dante

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9780902400726

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Translated by Laurence Binyon, with La Vita Nuova translated by D.G. Rossetti.

A definitive translation of Dante’s famous work intended, by the translator, "to be read with pleasure as an English poem." It includes extensive revisions to the translation of the Inferno which Laurence Binyon made before his death, probably partly as a result both of his long correspondence with Pound concerning his version of the Purgatorio (see the Selected Letters of Ezra Pound, Faber), and the detailed criticism Pound had made of his Inferno in The Criterion.

Also included in this collection, edited and introduced by Paolo Milano, is La Vita Nuova (complete) in the famous version by D.G. Rossetti and a selection from the Rhymes and Latin Prose Works.

"The venerable Binyon has, I am glad to say, produced the most interesting English version of Dante that I have seen or expect to see…"
Ezra Pound

Laurence Binyon, 1869 – 1943, was a poet, scholar, and dramatist. He was born in Lancaster, attended St. Paul’s school and Trinity College, Oxford where he won the Newdigate Prize for Poetry. He worked for many years at the British Museum and was an expert on Japanese and Chinese Arts. In the war he was in the Red Cross and is remembered by his poem ‘For the Fallen’, September 1914, often recited on Remembrance Sunday.

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