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darkness is where the stars are

Authors: Patrick Jones

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614509

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Domestic abuse against men is such a taboo subject. Men who are suffering from it are embarrassed to broach it, causing them to feel isolated and ultimately causing them to remain in their same vulnerable position. Patrick Jones’s poetry does anything but.

"It’s harrowing, compelling and psychologically acute... juxtaposing the cruelty of domestic abuse against the pleasure of a new relationship, a technique which thoroughly engaged me as a reader and left me feeling utterly hopeful, despite the distressing subject matter: The theme is fascinating because of its virtual invisibility, and it is handled adeptly with skill and sophistication. The poems give the reader an insight into the painful effects of domestic abuse without having to resort to malice or sentimentality."
Rachel Trezise

"very strong stuff"
Harold Pinter

"Thoughtful, provocative and challenging, these poems engage and enrage."
Peter Tatchell

"This is an energetic poetry collection that engages with serious issues that art should rightly be pushing to the forefront of debate in a liberal society."
Jan Fortune-Wood

Patrick Jones is a poet and playwright, born in Tredegar, 1965. He studied at Swansea University and the University of Tennessee, travelled widely in America and was a member of the Open Mic Poets in Chicago. Patrick has worked as creative writing worker with the mentally ill and recovering drug addicts and with the highly successful Write for Cynon scheme. He has also worked closely with Manic Street Preachers; his The Guerilla Tapestry (revpress, 1995) was accompanied by a musical soundtrack composed by James Dean Bradfield. Patrick tutors Blackwood Miners Institute Young Writers’ Group and teaches adult literacy. His poetry has been performed on BBC Wales. Guerilla Tapestry was performed live at the opening of the Welsh Assembly at the Voices of a Nation concert, 1999.
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