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Discussing Wittgenstein

Authors: Ann Drysdale

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614684

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The sequel to the highly acclaimed Three-three, two-two, five-six.

Launched at the 2009 Hay festival, Discussing Wittgenstein picks up the story of Philip Grey and Ann Drysdale after their near death-bed marriage and Philip’s return home. It is the end of a remarkable love story, but it is also much more; a tender, poignant testimony to how personal mythologies are built and survive. Discussing Wittgenstein is an elegy to the human spirit and to our quest to shape experience into meaning.

Ann Drysdale is an acclaimed poet, non-fiction writer and journalist. She was born near Manchester, brought up in London, married in Birmingham, ran a small holding and raised three children on the North York Moors and lives on a mountain in South Wales. She was a journalist for many years writing, among other things, the longest-running byline column for the Yorkshire Evening Post. She has won many prizes for her writing and written several poetry collections and non-fiction books, including the two-part memoir Three-three, two-two, five-six and Discussing Wittgenstein, described by Professor Raymond Tallis as a ‘masterpiece’.

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