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Dream Catcher 15

Published by Dream Catcher

ISBN: 9780954501570

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DREAM CATCHER IS TEN YEARS OLD! And we celebrate with an issue full of humour, craziness and the unexpected.

What a range of writing!

 Issue 15 is dedicated to humour in all its forms and manners, from black humour to real off-the-wall kanzyness, surreal word-antics to a calm smiling reflection. Right from the start of issue 15 the humour starts with comments from the famous radio-tv presenter and poet Ian McMillan in the introduction.

 As Ian says, 'We hope this issue of Dream Catcher will make you laugh!’

Novelist and performing star, Joolz Denby gives us the second part of her autobiography, The Invisible Child.  Humour and pathos work hand in hand to create a sustained account of joys, sorrows and strange-nesses of her childhood, growing up in Portsmouth, playing at being a mudlark, and a red-indian among many other roles that led her into adventures.   The first part of Invisible Child was published in Dream Catcher 14 – copies are still available.


In 15 you'll find a world of humorous fiction from writers such as Elizabeth Stott, Sue Laver, Becky De Oliveira, Elaine Hatfield, C A Coiffait and Jessie Smith.  Power games in space and in the office; men who throw wieners at hookers, a head-doctor redeemed by dressing up as a clown, a grandfather and grandson searching for a mysterious bridge and who's searching for them, the perils of a Pram and Dolls and boys. The stories will make you laugh at the strange behaviour of we humans whatever the circumstance.

Further on in the issue you'll meet Wendy Cope - one of the most popular poets in the UK today. She's interviewed by the nationally winning poet Sam Gardiner who has his own contribution to the craziness and comedy of Dream Catcher 15.

Along the way you'll find a host of different humorous styles from winning and well published poets such as Peter Knaggs, Helen Burke, India Russell, Daithidh MacEochaidh, Michael Curtis and Martina Evans, Gillian Carpenter, Martin Stannard, Chris Kinsey, Rennie Parker and Andre Mangeot, to name but a few. A lot of teasing goes on with poets chuckling at themselves and their art forms. Strange visitors, haunted and domestic scenes, the misuse of hair spray, the bizarre and everyday, rugby and Tony Blair are all there for you to encounter and scoff at.

And poets have fun mimicking the famous predecessors. Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Emily Dickerson are some of the more obvious targets lovingly attacked.

Oz Hardwick's photographs show another angle on the 'humorous'. He mixes unexpected images, presenting our more and more wobbly world with a gentle sense of amazement, catching those surreal moments that most of us just walk by. His whimsical lens have the power to help you bring the everyday world alive.


Reviews of new books from Shoestring Press, Five Leaves, Ragged Raven and Redbeck presses provide much for you to explore and enjoy about contemporary writing, and round off the issue.


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