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Dungeon Masters

Authors: Mike Wild

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781909679498

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It appeared nine years ago, in remotest China. A rift to another dimension. A deep and expansive dungeon, filled with magic and monsters. Many people were lost - bloodily and horribly - in early explorations, but eventually its upper levels were secured. Now, under a vast dome run by a private corporation, the dungeon is part scientific site, part adventurers' playground - a deadly, treasure-filled lure posing a single challenge: how deep can you go and hope to survive? Trix Hunter knows - as a keeper she’s tired of mopping up the blood. But when Trix discovers the dungeon is growing, she is forced to begin a journey to the deepest level of all. There she must confront an ancient evil that is threatening to turn our world inside out ...

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