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Edith Popkiss Laughed Out Loud

Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781906700638

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"Sara Park died too young. In writing terms, her work was at that crucial stage where both the honing of her craft and an unfettered creative nerve were fusing together to produce excellent fruit. I can only say how very fortunate I consider myself to have shared in Sara's writing life; enraptured by the rich colours of her world and imagination; inspired by the boldness and honesty of her work, with all its humour, style and verve."
Kathleen Kenny

Sara Park was born in Kirkcaldy in April 1940. In 1970 the family settled in Newcastle upon Tyne and in 1978 Sara attained a BA in Social Sciences, working as a probation officer until 1982. In 1981 she began the first of many long and extensive travels: journeys that would take her as far afield as Nepal, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. But it was with South America that she truly became enchanted. A place she returned to and worked in again and again; a place that undoubtedly fed and nourished her sense of adventure, and her feel for colour and language. Sara died after a brief illness in September 2010.
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