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Evening Primroses

Authors: Nancy Sandars

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9781908527301

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A musical, wide-ranging collection by Nancy Sandars, poet, scholar and archaeologist who lived to 101 and died in November, 2015, with a Preface by John Fuller. This is a companion book to her Grandmother’s Steps (published when she was 87 by Agenda Editions in 2001).

Evening Primroses is a small posthumous collection of unpublished work intended to remember her at her best, with examples of her wide range of operation, from the ironic monologue of “Responses in the Cathedral” or the brief sculpted imagism of “Minoan Frescoes”, to her last moving poems of lonely old age. There are poems that engage with the scope and implications of antiquity, and there are poems that confront the present failure and uncertainty of modern life, but in many of the poems it is the world of her beloved house at Little Tew, with its fruit and birds and “the great consent of flowers”, that haunts them.

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