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Everyone is Now Unhappy

Authors: Fergus McGonigal

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781911570110

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Fergus McGonigal's poetry often reflects the wildly manic exuberance of his performances. Ludicrous parents, pretentious idiots, the self-proclaimed zany brigade, and other fools: all receive a thorough dose of 'poetic justice' in this volume. You'll also find plenty of love poetry, a rich seam of surrealism, a dash of nonsense, and just the right amount of heavy stuff to balance it all out. Much of it rhymes, most of it scans, and all of it makes sense, so whatever you do: don't tell The Poetry Police. After surveying the mess that everybody always seems to be in, himself included, Fergus McGonigal thought it was time for somebody to point out the glaringly obvious: Everyone is Now Unhappy. Except, of course, when they come across a poetry book like this one.
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