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Exiled Angel: A Study of the Work of Gregory Corso

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781870841115

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Exiled Angel is the first full-length, comprehensive study of Gregory Corso’s work which was central to the movement of the Beat Generation (Ginsberg, Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Snyder et al).

The enduring appeal and pertinence of the writers of the Beat Generation derive from  the heroic character of their enterprise: the transformation of human life, the liberation of the mind and spirit. Corso’s work vehemently opposes all forms of tyranny and oppression, together with all agencies of repression and joylessness, as it celebrates the persistence and the irrepressibility of imagination, desire and liberty.

Gregory Stephenson was born in 1947 and grew up in Colorado and Arizona. He has lived in Denmark since 1972. He is the former editor of PEARL, a literary review, and the author of Friendly and Flowing Savage: The Literary Legend of Neal Cassady, and The Daybreak Boys: Essays on the Literature of the Beat Generation. He currently lives in Copenhagen, and teaches at the University there.

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