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Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090233

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Exposure is an exciting anthology of prose poetry and microfiction selected by Holly Howitt and Jan Fortune-Wood from over 1,000 writers in Wales, the UK and across the globe.

Ranging across love, loss, hate, journeys and other oddities, these finely written pieces constantly surprise, delight and challenge. With a powerful title piece from Bill Trüb this is an innovative anthology full of difference.

Holly Howitt was born and grew up in Wales. She writes fiction in various forms, and is particularly interested in truncated and overlooked genres, such as microfiction and the novella. She has contributed to anthologies and collections both in print and online. Holly has a PhD in creative writing from Cardiff University and lectures at Portsmouth University. Her highly acclaimed microfiction collection, Dinner Time (Cinnamon, 2008), was launched at the Guardian Hay Festival in 2008.

Jan Fortune-Wood is the founding editor of Cinnamon Press and also teaches creative writing. Her books include the novels Dear Ceridwen (2007) and The Standing Ground (2007) and the prose poetry collection Stale Bread and Miracles (2008), which she recently performed at a reading with Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.
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