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Authors: Kevin Mills

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614806

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"Marked by acute, compressed observation and a sustained urgency of inquiry, these poems are by turns wry, elated and politically attuned and always compassionate. ...This volume is an intelligent, highly relevant and at times extremely affecting read. ...a significant debut collection from an exciting author."
Richard Marggraf Turley

"Mills is a poet preoccupied by language and the relation between language and reality. …He is an acute and at times playful ironist, but like the Metaphysical poets of an earlier age he is concerned with time and death and questions of ultimate meaning. …Thought-provoking time shifts and changes of perspective in the poems are combined with concentrated sensation-images that vividly evoke time and place. …What I was most aware of in Fool was the poet’s concentration of imagination. Kevin Mills is a poet with an original vision – intense, playful, ironic, deeply serious.”
Jeremy Hooker

"This is writing of a high quality, informed by an intimate knowledge of its subject matter as well as by a sophisticated and literate approach to language. The poems are carefully reticent, suggestive rather than explicatory: their meaning tends to emerge obliquely from a series of sharply realised images ... a notable debut."
Jem Poster

Kevin Mills studied for both his BA and PhD in Wales and currently lectures at the University of Wales, Glamorgan where he specialises in Shakespeare, English Renaissance Literature and Myth and Narrative. His research interests include Literature and religion and Victorian literature and he is currently working on a critical-creative crossover book for Sussex Academic Press. Fool is his first poetry collection.
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