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Four Taxis Facing North

Published by Flambard Press

ISBN: 9781873226919

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In Four Taxis Facing North Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw captures the contrasting landscapes of the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She takes us inside the lives of rich and poor Trinidadian families, exploring a world of marital anguish, abandonment and secrets. Women in particular inhabit lonely places from which they are desperately trying to escape.

This is a country constantly threatened by violence. The crime, drug abuse and corruption that form a part of everyday life in larger nations become magnified on a small island. The title story constructs an imaginary landscape that envisages a nightmare of possibilities should all the potential for anarchy become a reality. These stories provide a delicately observed view of Trinidadian society as it is today. The legacy of a colonial past echoes alongside the tensions of an island people at a crucial point in their history.

Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw was born in Trinidad in 1964. At eighteen she left the island for the United States to study at Boston University, where she received a doctorate in French Literature. She returned to Trinidad in 1992 and now lives in the Santa Cruz Valley with her husband David and their two children. She is a Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad, specialising in francophone Caribbean literature and nineteenth-century French poetry.

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