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From the Lines of Dissent

ISBN: 9780993103889

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From the Lines of Dissent is a compilation of select articles, comment-pieces and academic analysis originally commissioned for Media Diversified's online platform, covering politics, literature, sexuality, education, religion, media and more. 

This set of viscerally enchanting essays by 14 writers of colour looks to elucidate and debunk many of the common falsehoods surrounding what it means to be a person of colour living in the 21st century.

Media Diversified has opened up a space where people of colour can express their experiences and perspectives without fear or favour from the Eurocentric media establishment.

From the Lines of Dissent published by Out-Spoken Press in November 2016 is their first book anthology and brings together the best of comment, journalistic and academic essays we have commissioned and published in the past year. They are evergreen, tackling structural and prescient issues, so pick up the book now or in 2020.

Publisher: Out-Spoken Press
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For more information contact rebecca@inpressbooks.co.uk or call 0191 230 8104. 

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