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Glass Characters

Authors: Bob Beagrie

Published by Red Squirrel Press

ISBN: 9781906700522

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Glass Characters is a collection of poems in three interlinked sequences: ‘Cameos’, ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Slapstick’. Each explores an eclectic array of marginal characters through ordinary, unusual and sometimes extreme situations: from wedding receptions, building sites and supermarkets to film sets, refugee centres and care homes for the elderly – uncovering their vulnerabilities, motivations and secret histories.

Many of the poems operate as mini social documentaries and genre-style short films, building up a fractured view of the many peripheral lives that surround our own.

Bob Beagrie is a poet, educational playwright and senior lecturer in Creative Writing at Teesside University. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and his publications include Yoik (Cinnamon, 2007) and The Seer Sung Husband (Smokestack, 2010). His work has also appeared in various anthologies and journals including The Forward Book of Poetry 2009. His poetry has been translated into Urdu, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish and he has appeared at festivals and venues all over the world.
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