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Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090172

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Glimmer introduces readers to a wonderful selection of emerging and more established voices in prose and poetry. Tonya Mitchell’s award-winning title piece is a compelling story of guilt, beautifully evoked and standing alongside fantastic fiction from Guatemalan writer Cassandra Passarelli and poetry from superb new voices, including Lyn White, Sharon Black, David Underdown, Frances Anne King, Bill Trüb and Padraig O’Moran. Glimmer is the perfect book to dip into or read cover to cover.

Rowan Fortune-Wood is assistant editor at Cinnamon Press. His writing engages with several forms including poetry, fiction, reviews and essays. He runs a YouTube channel with a large subscriber base that features his work in philosophy, aesthetics and literature, including a series of mixed media microfictions. He is currently completing an MA in novel writing, alongside working on a first novel and a collection of short stories and microfiction.
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