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Granny Knot

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836965

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Inspired by Christine Bousfield’s young grandchildren’s remarks, at once innocent, yet wise, Granny Knot is a lyrical metaphysics of life and death. Focusing particularly on relationships between generations, on the ties that bind us in love, even in difficult situations, this is an accessible and humane collection from an experienced writer." A consistent and individual voice, with a skillful use of visual imagery to carry sometimes complex ideas, in an accessible and intimate away that is rooted in a regional timbre and experience.

The poems inter-weave personal and ancestral history. But even when the perspective is more distant, the feeling of 'bonds' and continuity across generations is vividly evoked, as is particular geographic place and all it means for the characters we meet." - Ros Hudis

Extract from 'Slipstitch'

I could knit a house, a corner terrace, a cool apartment
bordering on the Thames, we need never be homeless;
or a bicycle, tandem, or for three, never be without wheels;
or sausage and mash on a garter-stitch plate, a bottle of lemonade
or hot-cross -buns like Auntie Edith’s for St Margaret’s bazaar,
need never hunger and thirst; or one eye on New Tricks,
one on the clock, faster, faster, just ten more rows, five more rows,
through the night wearing holes in my merino underarms
as the babies emerge, one by one into this world
of weft and warp, knots and chains,
conjuring them through their moss stitch cardigans,
cashmere bootees, four ply bobble hats, like the itchy vests
she knitted for me helter-skelter in front of a grate full
of postwar smoking slack and newspapers
rolled round a pole, without looking down once.



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