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The Ground Is Full of Holes

Authors: Suzy Norman

ISBN: 9781999703042

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Nancy wishes Marcus could be close to her again. Marcus wishes he could be in two places at once. Marcus, an Irish-born consultant anaesthetist in London, makes a disastrous error. In a moment of panic he tries to cover his tracks. During the subsequent inquiry, his half-truths are exposed by Asabi, his assistant, who is smarting from his withdrawn attention. Nancy, his wife, is taking long-term leave of absence from her role in the bank. Alone and neglected, she becomes obsessed with an old boyfriend, Tom. News arrives of her sister's pregnancy. Jealous of her sister, she beds her ex-boyfriend and brother-in-law, Shiv. A move she immediately regrets. This fragile marriage is one haunted by ghosts from the past, and a trip to Florence will change everything.

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