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Growing Space: A history of the allotment movement

Authors: Lesley Acton

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781910170137

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There are currently over 300,000 allotment plots in the UK, with roughly 100,000 people on waiting lists. Allotments are popular, and under threat. This accessible social history book looks at how changing economic, political and cultural conditions have affected the demand for plots. A thorough study debunks the myth that the provision of allotments was solely a benign activity for the poor, but a highly politicised history which reflects national and local policies on land use with a constant struggle to hold onto these city fields and country gardens.

Lesley Acton is a conservation and cultural heritage consultant who normally writes on antiques. Her previous books include The Repair of Pottery and Porcelain andPractical Ceramic Conservation. She has written on allotments for the Institute of Archaeology, and the Oxford Food Symposium Proceedings (Prospect Books). She is in contact with allotmenteers nationwide.

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