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ISBN: 9781911356059

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"Sid Chaplin’s greatest quality was tenderness; an instinctive reverence for the rhythms of life, for all living things, and for ‘the holiness of the heart’s affections’. It comes through his every line."  - Stan Barstow
"Chaplin makes the darkness luminous; he is genuine creator." - The Observer
"Chaplin sees and reveals the bewilderment, fury and tenderness of human beings."  - The Guardian

Sid Chaplin was an acclaimed author of novels, essays and short stories, one of the finest writers working in the North in the 20th century. The son of a miner who became a pitman himself, his early work brilliantly and tenderly chronicled the mining life he observed around him, in the villages in which he grew up by the River Wear in County Durham.

To mark the centenary of his birth in 1916, this new collection of stories, essays and poems features the very best of this work, with essays and commentary by his son Michael Chaplin tracing his father's early life and the villages which meant so much to his father.

An affectionate evocation of landscape, people and place, Hame captures the culture which created the modern North-East but which is now lost forever. 

Sid Chaplin was born in Shildon, County Durham in 1916 when the great northern coalfields was its height and he died in 1986 when it was on its last legs. Through a writing career lasting 45 years he wrote seven critically acclaimed novels, four books of short stories and two books of essays, many of which appeared also in paperback and were published abroad. His stories inspired the iconic stage musical Close The Coalhouse Door and as well as being a prolific journalist, broadcaster and co-founder of Northern Arts, he also wrote for television, including the BBC series When The Boat Comes In.

Michael Chaplin is a playwright, screenwriter and non-fiction writer living in Newcastle, with many credits in television, radio and the theatre. He has also written three works of non-fiction about the North-East, in collaboration with New Writing North: There Is A Green HillTyne View - A Walk Around The Port Of Tyne; and Come and See - The Beguiling Story Of The Tyneside Cinema. He is the youngest child and literary executor of Sid Chaplin.

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