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Hammer of Dr Valentine

Authors: John L Probert

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781911390930

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It had been two years since Dr Edward Valentine’s murderous rampage saw nine medical practitioners murdered in a series of elaborate deaths; each one inspired by deaths from within Vincent Price films. Now, with the silhouette of Castell Coch providing a suitably fitting background, the body of Dr Valentine’s next victim is catapulted into the darkened mouth of the Welsh valley. Having been meticulously arranged to ensure the moment of death is just as he wants it, the still-living body of his victim lands squarely on a heavy golden cross placed at the very bottom of the gaping valley. Before the police have had a chance to learn of this elaborate death, Dr. Valentine has struck again. Thirty-one-year-old journalist, Margaret Upchurch, whose article “Doctor Death – The Mad Medic Who Slew His Own Kind” accepts an invite to the British Museum where she believes she will be reporting on an evening of ‘Ancient Egyptian Splendour and Excitement’ courtesy of a Professor Fuchs. However, what awaits her is another elaborate murder at the vengeful hands of Dr. Valentine. After the crushed body of Margaret Upchurch is found in the street, covered with bandages and soaked in embalming fluid, recently promoted Detective Chief Inspector Jeffrey Longdon is called back to Bristol to head-up the investigation. After all, the elaborate deaths could only point to one man - Dr Edward Valentine. The death of the crusading journalist, Michael Brennan, who had been the one to cover the Dr Valentine affair for his paper, only furthered the police force’s belief that Valentine was back with a vengeance. The link between the chosen victims came quickly. They had all collaborated on the book “The Nine Deaths Of Dr Valentine”, which included articles they had each written, weaving in plenty of gossip and conjecture to ensure they received plenty of attention. Journalist John Spalding is brought in to help compile a list of those that could be in Valentine’s sights. As with the nine deaths from Valentine’s previous rampage, the elaborate nature of these recent murders points to a similar style of inspiration. Vincent Price is no longer the link between the deaths. And DCI Jeffrey Longdon realises he has his work cut out for him when it’s revealed that the deaths are this time inspired by the Hammer Horror films. Furthermore, it appears that Dr Edward Valentine has a young companion assisting him with the murders now. The question is, how far will Valentine go with his murderous campaign this time around?...

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