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Here I Am

Authors: Lev Rubinstein

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200585

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"These monologic poets (Rubinstein in particular) parody what might be called the idiocy of daily life by treating this idiocy as something incredibly serious and important. They seem to be writing a kind of personal and sociological mythology. In their more complex gestures to bracket mass culture in ironic and parodic terms, they can be likened to some of the poets of the New York School and pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein." — Andrew Wachtel (NWU)

"Rubinstein gathers his language ready-mades on index cards (commonplace expressions, overheard statements, sentence fragments), and then organizes them in such a way that we seem to be observing the creation of a poem from raw material. However, we are left to build our own context in which to combine these disparate elements into a meaningful whole." — Gerald Janacek, University of Kentucky

"Rubinstein's 'texts' can be compared with computer hyper-texts, where each message conceals a larger context and where you unavoidably leave certain files unopened on each page as you go on… His poetics can be described as that of fatally missed opportunities and in this sense he brings to mind Chekhov, a fact that has been noted by many critics." — Ekaterina Degot in Commersant Daily

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