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Authors: Kathleen Kenny

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780956034113

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Kathleen Kenny was brought up in a family where her father and her brother never spoke to each other. Hole is the story of a lifelong struggle to understand the unspoken secrets contained in the silences of her childhood, to measure the damage and the hurt of its 'strange normality'.

Set against the changing landscape of the west end of Newcastle in the 1960s, Kathleen Kenny connects 'the accidental fall from childhood' to the violent demolition of a working-class community making way for the promise of a new Brasilia.

"Deeply-felt poems suffused with a poignant sense of loss. An impressive collection."
Brendan Cleary

"Well crafted, intellectually sharp and emotionally convincing."
Brendan Kennelly

Kathleen Kenny is the daughter of an Irish mother and Irish-Geordie father. Her previous poetry collections include Sex & Death, Goosetales and other Flights, Sandblasting the Cave and Firesprung. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she works as a Creative Writing tutor for the Centre for Lifelong Learning.
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