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Horses Between Our Legs

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9787908527189

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This special poetry collection, focusing on World War One, is rich with cultural meaning, emotion and collective memory. The poems beautifully and hauntingly in varied mastered forms contribute their orchestra of voices to the 1914 conversation, and beyond.

The collection starts off with the poem, ‘Clothes that escaped The Great War’ which won the National Poetry Competition in 2013 and was described by Vicki Feaver, in Poetry Review, as, “following on from the wonderful poems written by poets like Owen and Sassoon.

”Personal memories and narratives – of a father and uncle who served in the war, albeit very young, of a mother then a small girl and a grandmother on the Home Front – intermingle with the voices of Susan Owen, widow of Wilfred and Edward Thomas’s wife, Helen, with the voice of the narrator, and with the choric, previously unsung voices of women who enrolled in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, the Red Cross, and with those of the munitionettes. The whole comprises a very moving rich polyphony honouring the bravery of many in The Great War.

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