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Horus Engines

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Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781907777998

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Egypt: a country that has recently returned to the ancient tradition of the Pharaohs. The land is once more under the rule of the House of Rameses, and sitting on the throne in Luxor is the Rameses-Variant, a human/machine construct grown from the original DNA of Rameses II, the greatest pharaoh in Egyptian history.

England, 1939 and the Scarlet Council send two of its best agents – Markham Vale and Gaius Creed – on a top secret mission to infiltrate an area of Egypt where reconnaissance photos seem to indicate that massive iron space rockets (codenamed ‘The Horus Engines’ by the Scarlet Council), built from an alien design and using alien technology, are being assembled and readied for launch. Are these rockets preparing to blast off into space? Is the Rameses-Variant planning to abandon the Earth and take the war to the K’uyth homeworld itself? Or is the K’yuth actually running the country and the rockets are to be used as weapons against the Earth itself?

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