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Hunter Huntress

Authors: Darcy Scott

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781906727475

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Distraught after the horrific car crash that claims the life of her young son, the formidable and talented pianist Jamie Lloyd quits her high-power job with a New York symphony and flees to New Hampshire, where she marries a seafaring marine biologist. Although it's a good life, she remains emotionally numb --? tormented by thoughts of Michael Ryan, the man whose carelessness shattered her world. Choked off from the past, unable to live in the present, she finds herself drawn back to her old home, determined to find answers to the questions surrounding that awful day. But as Jamie faces off against her intricately monstrous foe, coming ever closer to the answers she seeks, she comes to find that Michael Ryan's inevitable ruin is not necessarily her salvation.

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