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I Live I See

Published by Ugly Duckling Presse

ISBN: 9781933254982

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"I’m fascinated that [Nekrasov] was doing these works in Soviet Russia while similar kinds of work developed in the - relatively - free world.  There’s something in Nekrasov that pushes the envelope in a new way, like these fragments are brain signatures, psychological reflexes, inside a difficult time and place." — Aram Saroyan 

I Live I See presents a comprehensive survey of the work of Vsevolod Nekrasov (1934-1999), the Soviet literary underground’s foremost minimalist. Exploring urban, rural, and purely linguistic environs with an economy of lyrical means and a dark sense of humor, Nekrasov’s groundbreaking early poems rupture the stultified language of Soviet cliché while his later work tackles the excesses of the new Russian order. I Live I See is a testament to Nekrasov’s lifelong conviction that art can not only withstand, but undermine oppression.  I Live I See: Selected Poems is the first collection of Nekrasov's work in English translation.

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