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In the Museum

Authors: John Rety

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082209

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Address unknown

Mother, they are killing each other,
Death is everywhere.
The language you taught me
It’s useless, mother, their bombs
Have made me deaf.
And I live among the living dead.
Otherwise, everything is alright
And I have some wonderful friends
But it looks to me
Something might be done about
The state of the world

John Rety
turned to poetry around 1980 having finally decided to give up painting when his studio was broken into and all his paintings were stolen. In the poems printed in this collection a judicious reader will be able to adduce underlying incidents and other significant details of the writer’s life.

John Rety has previously published Song of Anarchy and Other Poems (1989); Banal Incidents from My First Period – a Prose Poem (1993); What’s in a Word (1996); A Stranger Here… (1998). His latest book is Between Languages which he shares with Ingeborg Santor.

John Rety arrived in England in 1947, two years after the end of World War II and at the age of seventeen. Among others, he is the poetry editor of the Well Versed column which appears on Thursdays in the Morning Star daily newspaper.
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