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Intermittent Beings

Authors: Ian McEwen

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090899

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Intermittent Beings is an innovative three-part collection. This is poetry that subverts expectations, that makes the reader work, not by being dense and obscure, but by striking twists of language, leaving nothing quite what it seems. Everyday objects and sights are given new life through McEwen’s linguistic leaps: from Tai Chi performers who ‘stroke invisible objects / like desire or fear’ to electricity pylons bearing ‘the aching weight of power hung from each shoulder’.

“Ian McEwen’s poems run across the page like figures in flight. There is real poetic invention here: technique and voice discovering new possibilities.” – George Szirtes

“... an agile, precise language in waves, rising and falling, ever forming itself, a glassy, shimmery experimental music that savours instability.” – Moniza Alvi

Ian McEwen has been a City analyst, run a biotechnology company, and studied for a doctorate in Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics. His poems have appeared in the likes of Poetry Review, Poetry Wales, Stand and Magma. He has won prizes in many competitions, including a commendation in the 2011 National Poetry Competition. His pamphlet, The Stammering Man, was published by Templar in 2010. He lives in Bedford.

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