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Ireland is Changing Mother

Ireland is Changing Mother

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Ireland Is Changing Mother is the latest collection from Rita Ann Higgins: provocative and heartwarming poems of high jinx, jittery grief and telling social comment by a gutsy, anarchic chronicler of the Irish dispossessed.

“A brilliantly spiky, surreal blend of humour and social issues.”
Ruth Padel, The Independent on Sunday

“Higgins’s voice, forged over 25 years…has a unique fusion of wry, deadpan humour on the one side and absolute sincerity on the other... Now the bubble’s burst, we’re left with our real treasures, and Rita Ann Higgins is one of them.”
Fintan O'Toole, The Irish Times

“A quite untameable poet. Higgins roams the provincial towns and countryside of Ireland fomenting rebellion and writing with unstaunchable energy of everything warm and unrespectable in Irish life. Her voice is like nobody else’s...”
Peter Porter, PBS Bulletin

“Higgins’s voices are so distinctive and real that a whole world of semi-rural Irish poverty rises around the reader with the jolting acuity of an excellent documentary… an hilarious, absorbing and thoroughly disturbing experience.”
Kate Clanchy, The Independent

“Higgins is a poet of situations: her keen eye for the absurd, the humorous, the eerie or the angry gives her work an honesty that is rare among writers. Ireland Is Changing Mother not only calls attention to the marginalised victims of an increasingly alienating (and alienated) society but also chronicles, with an untameable and provocative voice, the poet’s own journey towards understanding her personal and social history.”
Borbála Faragó

"She's right, Ireland is changing - and I reckon there's nobody better qualified to chronicle that change than Rita Ann Higgins."
Shelley Marsden

"Poetry born out of our Celtic Tiger's terrible greed... It's all there in her powerful poems -- the hard hats and the photo ops, the chauffeur-driven limo between airport terminals, Fas expenses and Gucci dreams... Instead of opting for polite lies, Rita Ann goes for honesty, always. Sometimes it's not easy but that's why she and her poetry are a joy. Telling it straight is how she soars."
The Sunday Independent

Rita Ann Higgins was born in 1955 in Galway, where she still lives. One of 13 children, she left school at 14, and was in her late 20s when she started writing poetry. She has since published nine books of poetry, including Sunny Side Plucked (1996), which was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation, and An Awful Racket (2001), both published by Bloodaxe, and Hurting God: Part Essay Part Rhyme (2010) from Salmon Poetry. First published in 2005, her Bloodaxe retrospective Throw in the Vowels: New & Selected Poems was reissued in 2010 with an audio CD of her reading her poems.