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island, nameless rock

Authors: Martti Hynynen

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614912

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saari, nimetön luoto (island, nameless rock) was published by Werner Söderström in 1991. Mike Horwood’s aim when translating these poems has been to remain as faithful to the content and meaning of the original poems as possible.

Most of Martti Hynynen´s poems contain fairly simple and straightforward diction. However, the content is often neither simple nor straightforward. The images, situations and events are often surreal and although the diction is simple, the syntax is sometimes unconventional. Furthermore, he employs a pared back, minimalist style, focusing only on the critical details of an event and leaving out all explanatory or scene-setting information.

Mike Horwood’s translation of Martti Hynynen’s island, nameless rock is a real pleasure to read. That he has lived in Finland for many years and loves the country is obvious in his understanding of the cultural background, the natural environment, politics and particularly, of course, the language. The poems, sometimes deceptively simple, show his special sensitivity to Hynynen’s rhythms: he handles the lines expertly, with a delicate touch. The voice of the poet can be clearly heard in the versions of this interpreter.
Helen Constantine

Martti Hynynen was born in Rovaniemi, Finland, close to the Arctic Circle, in 1952 and grew up on the banks of Kemijoki, Finland´s greatest river. His first collection, saari, nimetön luoto (island, nameless rock), was published in 1991 by Werner Söderström. Martti now lives in Tampere in the south of Finland where he works for the broadcasting company YLE.

Mike Horwood was born in London in 1955. He has lived in Greece and Switzerland and now lives in Finland where he teaches English to adult students. Mike has recently completed an online M.A. in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and his poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies.
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