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Journey Planner & Other Stories and Poems

Authors: Rowan B Fortune

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077164

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Journey Planner introduces new and emerging voices in short story and poetry.

Claire Fisher’s award winning title story ‘Journey Planner: from wherever you are to Peckham’ is an innovative and wry take on every day anxiety in the city, relationships and life, whilst Zoe Gilbert’s ‘Sticks are for Fire’ is a dark, incantatory story full of folklore elements that create a sinister and disturbing atmosphere.Tracey Iceton’s ‘Slag’ plays on a title with multiple meanings to explore personal stress alongside industrial decay. Heidi James-Dunbar carefully intertwines statement and metaphor in perfectly pitched lines and Rebecca Parfitt’s poised images shimmer with clarity, making the everyday world of relationships brim with unsettling surprise. Kathleen M Quinlan writes with vivid honesty combined with skilful control, whilst David Olsen’s resonant voice weaves lyrical, compressed narratives.

Rowan B Fortune is an editor at Cinnamon Press. His writing engages with several forms including poetry, fiction, reviews and essays.

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