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Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090363

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Kaleidoscope brings together a genre of poetry that too often goes overlooked. Hard to place in magazines because of shortage of space, poetry sequences nonetheless offer the reader an opportunity to explore poetry that is sustained, narrative and rich.

Selected from over 500 entrants to an open submissions call, Kaleidoscope brings together sequences from both poets at the top of their form and emerging new voices.

Well-known contributors include Susan Utting, Myra Schnieder, Alison Brackenbury, Tony Curtis, Anne Cluysenaar, N.S. Thompson, Peter Barry, Ruth Bidgood, Sam Adams, and many more.

Rowan B. Fortune is assistant editor at Cinnamon Press. His writing engages with several forms including poetry, fiction, reviews and essays. He recently completed an MA in novel writing and is working on a first novel and collection of short stories and microfictions.

Jan Fortune-Wood is the founding editor of Cinnamon Press. Her books include the novels Dear Ceridwen (2007) and The Standing Ground, and the poetry collection Stale Bread and Miracles (2008). Her latest novel, Coming Home, was published in January 2011.
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