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Authors: Hazel Manuel

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077270

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When close friends and seasoned travellers, Rachel and Gina, take a trip to India, Rachel expects the usual round of sight-seeing and collecting experiences, but she is not prepared for the secret that Gina is harbouring. Interwoven with this unfolding drama is the story of Sandrine, who writes letters home to her brother as she travels around India in the late 60s.

In a tense narrative that moves between two periods, we take a journey that is both sumptuous and dark. Has Rachel placed herself in danger? What is at the root of Gina’s anxiety? And what is Sandrine’s place in this story of three women making interior journeys as they travel?

Hazel Manuel, winner of the Cinnamon Press Novel Award, 2013 is a free-spirited contemporary novelist who is currently living and writing in Paris, following a successful career in business. When not writing, Hazel is often travelling and her great passion is exploring wild and beautiful parts of the world. Much of her writing is done whilst journeying through off-the-beaten-track places and it isn’t unusual to find her in a tent with a notebook after a day trekking in the Sahara or riding a horse through the Andes Mountains. Hazel loves to explore ideas, concepts and places. She acknowledges the influence of writers she reveres, particularly the French Existentialists. “My writing is very much about pushing limits. It is all about asking ‘what if’,” she says.

This book is also available as a eBook. Buy it from Amazon here.

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