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Authors: Frederic Raphael

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781905512010

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Newly re-issued

In 1942, an unseaworthy ship crammed with refugees bound for Palestine sinks, the result of British and Turkish officialdom. Jacob Lindmann, one of only two survivors, becomes the central character in this haunting novel.

Twenty years on Lindmann lives in a ramshackle boarding house. He remains detached from his surroundings and past until circumstances combine to shatter his personality. The resulting shock touches the other characters in the book, but, most profoundly, the stunned and disturbed reader. Raphael's novel dramatises universal themes of guilt, responsibility and love.

"This is an uncomfortable novel with plenty to say, a violent sting in the tale, and individual vision, and the hectic style of a man whose concerns, passions and humours are almost more than the language can bear."
Sunday Times

“Exciting… powerful… vivid!”Times Literary Supplement

“A very ambitious novel indeed… his prose fairly crackles with energy”
New Statesman

“Arresting, disturbing and impressive” – Spectator

“… Lindmann is on a grand scale. It is frank, almost brutal, in its probing into human motives.”Daily Telegraph

Frederic Raphael has been publishing novels since 1956. His best known novel is Glittering Prizes. His memoirs include A Spoilt Boy, non-fiction includes Some Talk of Alexander. Raphael was the screenwriter for Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and is a regular contributor to the broadsheet press

Lindmann includes a new introduction by Neal Sokol, a writer for the American magazine Forward.

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